15 Celebrities Who Look Exactly Like Animated Characters


With 7 billion humans in the world, there are bound to be people that look strikingly alike.

But, this concept is made so much more confusing when people look like animated characters. For example, every time I see Professor Farnsworth on “Futurama” I jokingly wonder if Larry King stepped into model for the part.

So, here are some celebrity-character doppelgängers who you may have not recognized initially, but the resemblance is going to blow your mind.

15 Celebrities Who Look Like Movie Characters:

1. Rooney Mara and Edward Scissorhands

Okay, this isn’t animated, but I had to throw it in.

PR Photos, 20th Century Fox

2. Matt Bomer and Prince Eric

PR Photos, Walt Disney Pictures

3. Emma Stone and Kim Possible

PR Photos, Disney Channel

4. Larry King and Professor Farnsworth

Instagram, Fox

5. Jennifer Lawrence and Luanne Platter

PR Photos, Fox

6. Martin Scorsese and Carl Fredricksen

PR Photos, Walt Disney Pictures

7. Michelle Williams and Tinker Bell

PR Photos, Walt Disney Studios

8. Bryan Cranston and Ned Flanders

AMC, Fox

9. Abigail Breslin and Rainbow Brite

PR Photos, Hallmark

10. Zac Efron and Cyclops

Marvel, BigStock

11. Amanda Seyfried and Repunzel

PR Photos, Walt Disney Studios

12. John Goodman and Peter Griffin

PR Photos, Fox

13. Miley Cyrus and the Cynthia

PR Photos, Nickelodeon

14. Eric Allan Kramer and Bob Parr

Disney Channel, Walt Disney Studios

15. Aubrey Plaza and Daria Morgendorffer

PR Photos, MTV