Celine Dion Dancing at Her Son’s Hockey Game is Your New Favorite Thing

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I’ve been a Celine Dion fan for as long as I’ve had two ears and a heart. She is a treasure to be cherished and maintained, especially as she navigates life as a single mom and worldwide icon.

Celine has had a real coming out party the last few months– she was on “The Voice” and literally told contestants, “can you do it more like me?” She owned the 20th anniversary performance of “MY Heart Will Go On” and now, she’s taking her diva status to her son’s hockey game and I am here for it. All of it.

Celine is the ultimate hockey mom clad in about three hoodies, a hockey jersey and messy bun. But, what sets her apart from the other hockey moms are her killer dance moves.

She starts out with a sleek airplane type motion, moves into a kick-ball-change situation with arms and then an overhead clap. Of course, the bob-and-weave has also been perfected.

If anybody loves their life more than Celine right now, I wouldn’t believe it.