Channing Tatum Helped A Guy Propose To His Girlfriend On Live Radio


Channing Tatum is currently on the road promoting his new film “Logan Lucky.” It has been his goal to make this promo tour different than all the rest and, for the most part, he has succeeded. He is currently in Europe and, sadly, cannot hit the backroads like he did in the US. He is stuck in a studio answering the same ole questions as most tours. That was true until Joss called with an interesting request.

Joss does not have a lot of money and cannot afford a ring, but he desperately wanted to propose to his longtime girlfriend. So what would be better than a ring? Having your girlfriend’s favorite actor call you to set up the big ask, of course!

Thankfully, Emily said “yes” even though her father muttered “you can do better.” After hanging up, Channing realized how badly that could have gone had Emily 1) wanted a ring, 2) wanted to be asked in person, or 3) listened to her father. That’s some shakey ground right there. I guess you could say Channing was “Logan Lucky.” Sorry, I’m so sorry.