Chewbacca Mom Is Rolling in $420K Worth Of Gifts Since Her Launch into Viral Fame

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First, you should probably re-watch the video that started it all.

That laugh isn’t just good for generating smiles. Apparently, it brings in the cash too, with Chewbacca Mom netting over $420K worth of gifts. This figure is estimated and based on several gifts received after her video netted over 150 million views:

A Disney World Trip ($7,500)

Disney found it fitting to fly her and her family out to Disney World to meet the actual Chewbacca, now that Disney owns the Star Wars franchise. It’s the least they could do since she exposed their brand to over 150 million people, and all that…

VIP Expo Trip ($2,000)

Courtesy of James Corden and Peter Mayhew (the original Chewbacca), Chewbacca Mom and her family were flown out to Dallas to attend the Fan Dallas Expo. Featuring VIP honors, the tickets usually run around $420 each, plus fees.

College Scholarships ($400,000)

Payne’s children won’t have to worry about attending college, as long as she’s okay with sending them to a Christian university. Southeastern University in central Florida, describing itself as “a Christ-centered institution of higher learning” forked over $400,000 worth of scholarships to front the Chewbacca clan’s college education.

Pretty good, considering she only spent about $30 on that mask.