“My Pleasure” Is The Chick-Fil-A Rap You Didn’t Know You Needed

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The world seems to be spinning out of control. So much of what we know is changing or in upheaval. But no matter what happens, we will always have Chick-Fil-A: their awkward but kind teenage staff, a Bible study in the back corner, and the best dad-gum fried chicken sandwich on earth. Now, there is a song to honor those whose pleasure it is to serve us.

That staff always goes above and beyond in helping people in the store, but how long will it be until they start serving everyone outside of the store? It is, after all, their pleasure.

Jaron Myers, the man behind the music, must have worked at the Chick. He nails the clean-cut, smiley, homeschooled vibe. You know this is exactly how you would think the Chick-Fil-A staff would dance”

But also, cars are burning. Wait, what!?