Olympic Superstar Chloe Kim Got A Big Surprise From Jimmy Fallon And We Could Not Love Her More

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Jimmy Fallon is the greatest person to break great news. His super-friend level care for his guests makes him ideal. Just imagine finding our some of the biggest news of your life while Jimmy Fallon says, “We love you! You’re awesome! America loves you!” It would be pretty amazing. Chloe Kim, the snowboarding gold medalist who is already having an amazing year, received some big news from Fallon that every athlete dreams about: she made it to the cover of a cereal box.

Kim thought she was having a normal guest spot with the late night host– photobombing fans at thirty rock and talking about why she went for her second huge run on the Olympic halfpipe. But she didn’t know that she was the new face of Kellogg’s cereal, a milestone only the greatest athletes achieve.

She reacted appropriately.


She is only 17, which means she can probably Gold at three more Olympics. We are totally cool with that.