Miley Cyrus Soundalike and Lookalike Chloe Kohanski Makes the Sassholes Come Out on “The Voice”

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I know MIley Cyrus has a lot of siblings. Like, maybe even a dozen– who really knows? The Cyrus fam is all over the place these days and I keep learning about new, talented siblings.

So, as soon as Chloe Kohanski appeared on “The Voice,” I honestly wondered if she was somehow related to Miley or just really, really trying to be Miley-esque.


Chloe’s version of Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain” started off rocky, but eventually convinced Miley, Jennifer Hudson and Blake Shelton to start a war of words over her.

Miley told Chloe she used to ride around in her dad’s truck listening to Stevie Nicks and she also dropped the whole, “turning around and seeing your style, you really know who you are. And my foundation is really knowing who I am. We’ve got a very similar range, so I think I know songs that would be great for you.”

That’s when J. Hud started the fight, which lead to the one of the most ultimate clapbacks on “The Voice,” ever.

Miley: I come from a background of serious musicians. I had to do really good on my own, there’s no other path for me. I was either going to be a vet and take care of animals or I was going to be a musician. And now I have seven animals and I’ve learned you’ve got to do both.

J. Hud: Well, hold on! I have three dogs and they’re names are Oscar, GRAMMY and Dreamgirl.

Oh, dang.

Of course, when it time for Chloe to choose she said, “Well, I’m obsessed with Miley, so I choose Miley.”