Chris Evans Answers the Internet’s Most Asked Questions About Himself with Help From a Cute Little Girl

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People are weird. We ask some very strange and personal questions about celebrities on Google that we would never ask in person. Thankfully, WIRED has headed our curiosity off at the pass and has started a series that asks celebrities to answer these odd, and totally PG, questions about themselves. Chris Evans, the Star-Spangled Avenger himself, recently took the challenge joined by McKenna Grace, the co-star of his upcoming movie “Gifted.” It isn’t as weird as Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal’s Autocomplete interview; it’s more cute than anything.

So, if you like cute stuff and the Avengers, this is for you.

Mckenna Grace acts like the star here while Evans plays the part a much older brother or cool uncle. He really seems like a normal dude, which is cool to see in a mega-star. But I do have some questions:

1. Why doesn’t he have a boat? I thought celebrities had to have a boat like us normal folks have to carry driver’s licenses.

2. Is there a rumor that Evans can’t drive a car? This really seems to be bothering a lot of people. He also claims he has multiple speeding tickets. What is wrong with America that celebrities can’t get out of speeding tickets!?

3. Who is searching, “Who Chris Evans look like?” I was under the assumption that we peasants look like celebrities, while they get to be themselves. He look like he, y’all!

4. Is Mckenna Grace a grandmother? The way she says, “yes, you have to have more tea,” is too matronly for a child. Someone give this girl a milkshake. If I were in her place, my advice to Evans would be, “Yes, you have to have more ice-cream.”