Chris Harrison Basically Called DeMario Jackson an Idiot After #MenTellAll

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Chris Harrison does not think DeMario Jackson is one of the good ones. And he’s telling everyone how he really feels about “The Bachelorette” contestant.

During the season’s #MenTellAll, Jackson was contradictory, brash, defensive and a little dumb. Harrison pointed that after that show.

“Very ironic. DeMario calling someone an idiot? Look, DeMario is DeMario…You kind of take him for who he is. He’s a loudmouth He’s funny. It’s Demario. You take him with a grain of salt for sure. I mean, he said probably the most horrible, sexist, misogynistic things and then started jumping on Lee about being a misogynist. So, if anybody should not be throwing stones in a glass house probably, DeMario, probably.”

But, he wasn’t done, Harrison went on to say, “Like, I was kind of shocked… I figured he would come in and not say a word. Interesting approach he took. Not the approach I would’ve taken. But, then again– decisions are not his strong suit.”

Dang. Tell us how you really feel.