Chris Harrison Just Ripped DeMario Jackson to Shreds

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For his part in each of every season of “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette,” Chris Harrison is the friend to every man– the guy with a ton of advice and an unusually sunny outlook on reality TV romance. But, after taping Rachel Lindsay’s Men Tell All special with DeMario Jackson his disposition was anything but sunny.

Basically, Harrison said he was really disappointed in Jackson’s behavior, he was surprised by it and he couldn’t believe how he acted.

“Am I surprised how he threw himself under the bus? I really thought he would come in and be very contrite, apologetic and maybe even a little quiet– he was anything but. I don’t love revisionist history when people come back on the show and kind of make up how things went…,” Harrison told “Entertainment Tonight.”

Harrison also revealed that he is going to sit down with Jackson and Corinne Olympios to discuss the “Bachelor in Paradise” scandal, but he’s not sure how it’ll go, “Honestly, after tonight I don’t know how that dialogue’s going to [go]… thought I had an idea before tonight, but I also thought we’d have a better moment than we had tonight. So, I don’t know. Now I’m not really sure how it’s going to be. We’ll see.”

The Men Tell All special will air on July 31 on ABC.