Anna Faris Says Husband Chris Pratt “Likes to Harvest His Own Meat”


In my mind, actor Chris Pratt is the perfect package. He’s good-looking (and by that, I mean damn sexy), he’s funny, he’s talented, he’s a family man and, apparently, he’s an excellent provider — of meats.

During a recent interview with Conan, actress and wife Anna Faris revealed that Chris likes to “harvest his own meat.” Apparently, over the holidays specifically, Chris enjoys hunting things like venison, boar and elk, and preparing them for his family.

But, even though Anna supports Chris’ love of hunting, she’s not a big fan of her all-gamey-meat diet.

“My husband likes to harvest, as he puts it, his own meat,” she said. “My brother and Chris hunt… It’s badass and ethically, it sounds like the right thing to do and all that, but when you’re the wife, I think I’m the only person who loses weight during the holidays.”

That’s fair.