Let Fisherman Chris Pratt Show You How To Clean A Fish


Chris Pratt likes to fish. He even claims that, “he put the man back into fisherman.” Well, ok. He primarily is a catch-and-release fisher, which is the most responsible way to go about the sport, but sat down with Vanity Fair to show them how to clean a fish. It may not be the clearest tutorial, but it is more entertaining than any fish cleaning tutorial I’ve ever seen.

Vanity Fair may be the most unexpected place to find how to clean a fish. They don’t seem like an outdoorsy bunch. Pratt is an outdoorsman, but knows his audience and plays up the grotesqueness and obscurity of the task.

His inner fisherman comes out, laughing as he pretends to have just caught a sea bass in a fresh water lake and joking about the fish being left in the sun for too long.. He “forgets” what a fin is called and then proceeds to swiftly and cleanly filet the fish. He isn’t half as clueless as he let’s on.

If you want proof, scroll through his Instagram. The man sets hooks whenever he isn’t on the road promoting a movie. Sometimes, he even fishes between takes, like in this throwback video to when he was on set for “The Magnificent Seven.”