Chris Pratt is the Manliest Man Around, Until Aaron Rodgers Comes Over

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In case you forgot, Chris Pratt is a super hero. Or at least, a real man’s man from the Pacific Northwest who grew up wrestling and hunting and fishing.

These days, he’s a total A-list celebrity who’s all over the big screen and totally one of those guys the ladies love and the men want to be like. Unless he’s around Aaron Rodgers, NFL MVP and Green Bay Packers quarterback.

Pratt told James Corden all about his experience of trying to be manly and impress Rodgers during an appearance on “The Late Late Show” and luckily for viewers, Rodgers’ girlfriend Olivia Munn was there to fill in the blanks.

“When Aaron Rodgers comes to your house, you think, ‘I better man up here.’ So, I planned some manly things… I’ll do a little barbecuing on the grill…It took me 20 minutes to turn on the grill. I heard the best way to do it is crank it up as hot as possible and just sear it,” he said.

No, Pratt. No.

“I cooked it for like 20 minutes too long…I got nervous. I wanted him to be my friend,” he proclaimed.

Even superheroes need help with the grill.