Chris Pratt Once Got Into a Ton of Trouble for Getting Naked on the “Parks and Recreation” Set

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Apparently, Chris Pratt likes taking off his clothes.

“I’ve spent a good amount of time naked,” he told Graham Norton. While a lot of that time has been during his personal life, some of it has been on the “Parks and Recreation” set.

“I play this guy who is dimwitted and guileless but a real idiot, but lovable,” he explained. “He lives out in a pit. He lives in a hole in a tent. He’s kind of a homeless guy. … He got kicked out of his girlfriends house and she invites him to come back, and I, of course, think its to hook up. So I come back naked.”

In the scene, Amy Poehler opens the door to see Andy, I mean Chris, standing there naked. In reality, he was wearing a modesty sock, so Amy couldn’t see the goods, and as a result after a few takes Chris wasn’t happy with her performance.

“To me it was like she wasn’t really reacting to seeing my dick,” said Chris, who then decided to drop his pants for real.

“Then I got a letter from NBC saying, “Never, ever do that again. There is a protocol to being naked, you must give everyone the option not to see it,'” he recalled. “I framed it. I got it in my office. I love it.”