Chris Pratt Thanks Jesus During His First Public Appearance After Announcing His Divorce


No matter how hard you try, divorce in Hollywood is a public affair. It is as difficult as it is for the rest of us, just add a couple million spectators and commentators. As such, it is tempting for celebrities to act as if nothing is wrong or air their dirty laundry. Chris Pratt has done neither, and was gracious and honest in his first public appearance since his divorce from wife Anna Farris was announced.

Over the weekend, Pratt won a Teen Choice Award for best actor in a Sci-Fi movie. He was kind, gracious, and funny, but perhaps not his normal Andy Dwyer self. He joked about lying his way into acting, particularly to an agent who asked if Pratt surfed. He didn’t, but now he has the board if he wants to try.

Pratt has not shied away from talking about his faith, particularly in the difficult moments of his life, and used the award as an opportunity to share how he is getting through this difficult time:

“I would not have the ease and grace in my heart if it were not for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

Actors work tirelessly to portray honesty onscreen but it is rare to see in reality where the paparazzi demands a story and social media a lifestyle. Pratt may have lied his way into acting, but his honesty and humility are what we admire about him now.

Pratt ended by mentioning that a third “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie is on the way, which, despite all that is happening, is very exciting news.