Worship Pastor/Drag Queen Performed in Drag During Finale of “The Voice”

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The season 13 finale of “The Voice” was a one-hour recap, followed by 2 hours of live performances and more commercials than one could imagine. Performances throughout the evening featured contestants from this season paired with big-time pop stars and the remaining finalists performing with one of their heroes.

And, oh yeah, there were individual performances from pop stars. There was no shortage of performances. Literally, no one said no to performing during the finale of this show.

One contestant that returned to the show and stage was coach Jennifer Hudson’s Chris Weaver. You’ll remember him from his four-chair performance during the very first episode of the season. J. Hud threw her shoe at him and stuff. You remember.

You’ll also remember that Weaver, who lives in New York City, is a worship pastor by day and a drag queen performer by night. Weaver returned to “The Voice” as his drag persona, Nedra Belle.

Weaver/Belle performed “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)” with Jessie J. Arguably, it was one of the more spirited performances of the evening, but one can only imagine the questions that arose as families huddles around the television to watch this beloved show together.

And yes, shoes were thrown when it was all said and done.