Classic Country Music: She’s in Love with the Boy


Other than some of the best music ever recorded, country music in the 1990s also gave us some of the greatest music videos of all time.

Each week we’re taking a look back at some of these classics, frame by frame, second by second. And we’re starting with Trisha Yearwood’s “She’s in Love with the Boy.”

This video features Trisha and the story of Tommy and Katie. We get to meet Tommy and Katie as young kids, teenagers and really old people at the grocery store.

Note: We know it’d be difficult to watch the video and read at the same time, so if you don’t want to open up two different windows, we’ve inserted some screen shots of the video throughout the post, to help you follow along.


Trisha is sitting in the middle of the road and a tractor rolls behind her. No one is concerned for her safety and the guy on the tractor doesn’t even glance at her.


“There ain’t a whole lot going on to-night, in this one horse town” immediately cut to a shot of someone walking a cow around on a leash. If there’s nothing going on in town you’d think they would let that cow roam!


Choreographed chicken dance. Literally. Not like the kind at a bad wedding reception.


Trisha is getting sassy and she leans back in that chair like she owns the place.


Finally introduced to Tommy, who “when it comes to brains, he got the short end of the stick.” : (


Good thing Katie “just don’t care” in her one-piece floral suit. She’s also hanging out with chickens and holding a baby doll, so Tommy might not be the only one who got the short end of the stick?


Family game of horse shoes. Nothing says “love story” like a friendly game of horse shoes.


More chickens on the side of the road.


Trisha has moved on to a nicer chair, now in a field.


We get a glance of Tommy and his friends hanging out in a truck. They look very clean cut, minus the mullets.


Trisha gets stuck in gale force winds. Her hair is blowing. Look at this, Trisha almost looks like a ghost from a Disney movie. In a good way!


Tommy totally blows Katie off, but he’s the one walking around town pulling a red wagon.


This is the point in Trisha’s life where she has unequivocally perfected the side glare. It’s chilling, it’s sexy, it’s sly, it’s everything.


Lady quilting on the porch.


Old man sees old lady carrying groceries and happy to see her.


Trisha is back in the road and this time she’s standing up. Things are about to get sassy. Hand on the hip, let it fly, Trisha!


Random shot of ducks.


Back to Trisha, she puts that hand on hip and we know she’s about to let it loose.


Trisha lets it loose, slow-mo camera pan and her hair is getting a real workout from the wind/fan.


Choreographed dog dance.


Trisha is back in the chair in the middle of the road and her hair is just a blowing in the wind. They had to pay extra for that.


Extreme close-up of Trisha. Things are starting to get very real.


The song is slowing down a bit and Trisha wants us to think that she is, too, as she closes her eyes for just a second to soak up the sun.


Tommy is hanging on Katie’s porch. Katie is eating an ice cream cone and carrying around a baby doll. She says something sassy.


These old people have been at the grocery store for a really long time.


One of the greatest lines in music history, “When you yourself was just a hay-seed plowboy, Who didn’t have a row to hoe.”


Back in the middle of the road. The sun is setting, but the song is just heating up.


There’s no going back as Trisha declares, “SHE’S IN LOVE WITH THE BOY!!!!!”


We meet back up with the teenage versions of Katie and Tommy and they are on a picnic without any food gazing into each other’s eyes.


The old couple finally got their groceries home and now they have time to just be in love.


Young Katie lets Tommy have some of her ice cream cone, which. Gross.


The sun has now set and Trisha is still sitting in the middle of the road. There’s a truck coming up behind her, but she performs on. What a talent.


Teenage Katie and Tommy are mugging down.


The videos end like a bad rave– a lot of lights and spinning.


Trisha leaves us with one last smirk. She knows she’s just given us a pot of gold.

And there you have it, Trisha Yearwood’s classic, “She’s in Love with the Boy” frame by frame.

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