Coldplay Invited A Fan In A Wheelchair Onstage To Play A Song And It Was Amazing

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Crowd surfing and Coldplay do not mix. I have seen Coldplay twice–their shows are more for people who like to slightly sway side-to-side while singing along with the band. Wheelchairs and floor seats at a concert, sadly, do no mix. Fans who cannot stand at concerts would be forced to look at the sweaty backs of everyone around them the duration of the show. But when you combine all of these ingredients that should not mix together– something brilliant happens.

A wheelchair-bound fan at Coldplay’s recent show in Dublin was lifted into the air and surfed right up to the stage. Chris Martin invited the fan, Rob, onstage. Martin then gave Rob a microphone and the two improvised a song–Martin on guitar and vocals and Rob on harmonica.

“Well here we are in Dublin,

me and my friend Rob,

he is 29-years-old and training is his job.

Well here we are in Dublin and what an awesome crowd,

I’ve been all over the world and I’ve never seen anybody so loud.

Well we’ve been around the whole wide world,

Japan and the USA.

But Dublin, Dublin, Ireland is where we want to play.”

The crowd went nuts and a fan got to live a dream, performing with a favorite band in front of a packed arena.

Great, now everyone will be crowd surfing at Coldplay shows.