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It seems like every week is a big week in country music. And that’s the way we like it! Here’s our weekly recap of everything (or a lot of) that happened this week.

Garth Brooks announces Atlanta tour date. After 18 years Garth Brooks is returning to Atlanta on his first Southern stop during his upcoming world tour with Trisha Yearwood. The concert will be Friday, September 19th, 6:30 PM at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA. The tour starts out on September 4th in Chicago.

Tim McGraw releases new album details. Day by day, living legend Tim McGraw is revealing more details about his upcoming Big Machine Record’s album, Sundown Heaven Town, available everywhere on September 16. “This album is very encompassing of everything that I’ve done in my career,” said McGraw. “I think it’s a good microcosm of what my 20 or so years in music have been, in a lot of ways. You can certainly hear parts of my career throughout all of these songs, as well as the future and where my music is headed. To me, the title of the album is all about that time where you stop doing what you have to do, and start doing what you want to do. ”

ICYMI: Martina McBride turned 48! On July 29, the Queen of country music turned 48 years old.  Although she may not look a day over 30, we spent this day appreciating her and all of her musical achievements.  Congratulations Martina!

Jake Owen gains street cred with T-Pain. Jake Owen has released a remix to “Beachin’” featuring T-Pain and Mike Posner. It takes about a minute to get to T-Pain’s part, but once he comes into the song, there’s no turning back. T-Pain, best known for his song “I’m in Love (With a Stripper), has now officially recorded a country song.

Brad Paisley is getting antsy about his new album. Brad Paisley has a new album coming out and he really wants you to be able to listen to it. He just didn’t want his label to know about it. On Saturday night, Brad tweeted several links to snippets of each song, only to have them promptly taken down. The lone survivor is below, which is a small preview of every song on the album. After Brad tweeted the exclusive clips, his record label contacted him to take it down.  In true Brad Paisley style, he just explained that he was too excited and that he wouldn’t cause any more trouble.  But, Brad, we do love when you shake things up.

Hunter Hayes releases “Tattoo” video. The wait is officially over.  Hunter Hayes released the video for his hit single this week and it may surprise you.  He went in a little bit of a different direction with this video. Hayes says that he wanted to “challenge the imagination” in this video, and he certainly does a good job!

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And that’s a wrap-up of all of the exciting things happening in country music this week! Have a good weekend!

Image source: CMA