Country Music Song Titles That Don’t Mean That

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Sometimes, the title of a country music song doesn’t mean that. Let us explain.

1. “Burnin’ It Down” // Jason Aldean

Surprisingly this is not about arson, a fire or even marijuana. Nope, this one is about doing stuff in the dark when two people really, really love each other.

2. “Hope You Get Lonely Tonight” // Cole Swindell

This is not a song about bullying. Although it sure seems like a cruel thing to say to someone it’s not if you’re actually hoping they’ll get lonely so they’ll call you up for a late night rendezvous.

3. “Roller Coaster” // Luke Bryan

In a weird twist this is not a dedication to any rides at Disney World. It’s a metaphor! Love is crazy and fun like a roller coaster. Actually, kind of surprised there aren’t more songs comparing roller coasters to love.

4. “Stop Drop + Roll” // Dan + Shay

Do not play this at an elementary school anytime soon, as it is definitely not a song about what to do in case of a fire. It’s an ode to stopping in the moment, letting the top down and rolling.

5. “Chainsaw” // The Band Perry

Could be a modern day tale of a lumberjack. Or it could be about a scorned lover cutting down the tree she shared with her now ill-fated love.

6. “Red” // Taylor Swift

This one is so deep you almost believe it’s an ode to the color red. But, it’s more about emotions and feelings and a bad breakup.

7. “The Dance” // Garth Brooks

Garth isn’t talking about the tango or a fun jazz routine, but life! “The Dance” is a fancy way of saying “life.”

8. “Neon Moon” // Brooks and Dunn

We really wish this was some sort of song about Neil Armstrong and the actual moon, but Brooks and Dunn do us one better– it’s about a neon sign at a bar.

9. “Little Rock” // Reba McEntire

More than anyone else, I wish this song was about Little Rock, Arkansas, or as about three natives call it, La Petite Roche. Unfortunately, it’s about a troubled relationship and the symbolism of taking off one’s “little rock.”

Image Source: BigStock