Country Music Songs for Pairs Figure Skating


Being Southern in almost every sense of the word and especially geographically, I know very little to absolutely nothing about figure skating. I know if you jump and don’t fall, you get more points. I know skating backwards, while extremely cool, isn’t actually a score-able trick. I read in the below video that something called a “death spiral” is a thing. After this, things get really complicated for me.

I think it’s safe to assume that a lot of people feel this way about figure skating. It’s interesting, in that, these tricks! and jumps! and outfits! are all happening on ice (dangerous), but sometimes the music loses us and then no one knows the difference between a salchow and an axel. And then it all becomes people in pageant outfits doing gymnastics on skates.

Personally, I think I could be more interested in this whole figuring skating thing if the music was a little different. Typically, in pairs figure skating, there’s a story to the song and then the skaters kind of play out that story throughout the skate. You know, they skate to the music. I can follow that much.

Which leads me to, country music songs I’d like to see a pairs figure skating routine to:

Don’t Take the Girl // Tim McGraw

The props in this skate alone would be worth gold in my book! Also, it’s a love story and then the girl almost dies and the boy wants to give up his life for her life. Maybe, to show this part of the song, the boy skater could throw the girl skater and the girl could not get up on purpose. I’m also thinking this could be a good spot for the death spiral. This could be very dramatic and ultimately, very interesting.

Possible score:  196.7

Love Can Build a Bridge // The Judds

There are a lot of options for this one. The skaters could obviously, “build a bridge” during the routine OR they could act out the lyrics. There’s this one part where Wynonna says she would swim out to save her mom in a sea of broken dreams. This is after she says she’d walk across the desert with NO SHOES on her feet. I would love to see this, personally. The build up to the final stanza would be nothing short of a gold medal. I really believe that.

This could all be a lot, so also, the skaters could metaphorically skate on a bridge of love the entire skate, too.

Possible score: 200.0

Brand New Man // Brooks and Dunn

This one would be good for the skating pair that features a stronger male skater. But, again, oh the story that could be told! Basically, the male skater would just do a million jumps and always point back at the girl, as she is his muse and reason for becoming this fabulous skater. The gold medals would be draped around these skaters necks so fast that if you blink, you’d miss it.

Possible score: Off the charts. Skating will probably be banned after the complexity of this routine.

We Owned the Night // Lady Antebellum

Have you ever noticed that like, all ice skating takes place with every light on across the arena? This leaves very little to the imagination and there’s not a lot of drama when all the lights are on. This routine would take place in the dark, like it’s night. Both the male and female skaters would wear all black with glow sticks all over their outfits. Eventually, some of the routine will take place under a blanket. The skaters will own the night and a gold medal after this one.

Scoring; All of the points.

Two Sparrows in a Hurricane // Tanya Tucker

Again, the possibilities are endless with this one. However, the main prop would be: WIND. The skaters will actually be skating in hurricane-like conditions. The jumps will be higher and scarier, the skating faster. This will end with gold and that wind-blown look you can only get in the wind.

Scoring: Infinite.


Image Source: BigStock