Cyndi Lauper and James Corden Re-Write “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” to Discuss Gender Pay Gap


Cyndi Lauper’s 1983 release of “Girls Just Want to have Fun” has been a mainstream party anthem since its release. The song was nominated for two GRAMMYs and 33 years later it’s still being played at every bachelorette party, birthday party and/or road trip.

But, now in 2016, Lauper has teamed up with James Corden to re-write the tune to address a bigger issue than fun– the gender pay gap.

According to the American Association of University Women, women in the United States are typically paid just 79 percent of what men are paid. In 2014, “median annual earnings in the United States for women and men working full-time, year-round were $39,621 and $50,383, respectively.”

To address this statistic, Lauper has decided that yes, girls just want to have fun, but they also just want equal funds.

‘Cause girls, they want equal funds
oh, girls they want equal funds

that’s all they really want