10 Cast Predictions for Upcoming Season of ‘Dancing With the Stars’

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We’re still a few days away from the official cast announcement about season 25 of “Dancing With the Stars,” so we thought we’d try to predict the contestants.

One of the “Property Brothers,” Drew Scott, who looks just like the other one, has officially been confirmed, which means there are 11 spots left. There are also reports that married couple Nick and Vanessa Lachey could be competing.

For safety reasons, we’ll predict 10 spots. We know there’s always an NFL player, a gymnast or figure skater, a singer, a couple of J-list celebrities and someone recently in the news for something– anything, really.

10 Cast Predictions for Upcoming Season of “Dancing With the Stars”:

1. Kathy Griffin

Super controversial, trying to recover her image after that whole severed head fiasco. This would be a stretch for ABC, but not Griffin.

2. Lavar Ball

The outspoken father of NBA rookie Lonzo Ball has been making constant headlines for the past year or so by making statements like, “Back in my heyday, I would kill Michael Jordan one-on-one,” and “I’m gonna tell you right now, (Lonzo)’s better than Steph Curry to me. Put Steph Curry on UCLA’s team right now and put my boy on Golden State and watch what happens. I’ll double down on it again. Like I said, if I don’t know what my boy is about, I’m not going to make that statement. Steph’s going to have problems trying to guard my boy. Play one on one!”

Nobody loves attention as much as this guy.

3. Clint Harp

Harp is one of Joanna and Chip’s trust sidekicks on “Fixer Upper.” He’s also a model. Could happen, but there’s already one HGTV star in the mix.

4. Steve Spurrier

Spurrier has been dabbling in broadcasting and commercials since retiring and I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t want to see the former Heisman winner’s fancy footwork.

5. Johnny Manziel

Another famous person trying to repair his image.

6. Tiffany Trump

Trump’s mother Marla Maples has already been on the show and as the only Trump child that hasn’t been seen publicly since November, this could be her way to breakout. Might get weird for the Secret Service, but you know President Donald Trump wouldn’t mind promoting her each week for America’s favorite.

7. Anthony Scaramucci

The Mooch only lasted 10 days as the White House Communications Director and he been everywhere since he got fired. This pick would not be shocking at all.

8. Tyler Farr

It’s been a couple of years since Farr’s biggest hit, “Redneck Crazy” topped the country music charts. He also hasn’t had an impact single released since “A Guy Walks Into a Bar.” This could be that mid-career boost that Farr needs. Plus, he’s one of the most underrated, hilarious entertainers in Nashville.

9. Mötley Crüe, all of them

The former glam rockers now look like the cast of a low budget mashup of “The Walking Dead” and “Mad Max.” All of them are dancing with one girl because rock isn’t dead, but as soon as they are voted off they become the house band. It’s a dancing hostage situation: let these win, or let the guys behind “Girls, Girls, Girls” attempt to play a tango. Good luck.

10. Dan Patrick

The beloved ESPN sportscaster turned radio host/podcaster/dude who seems to just be having fun could be a great fit. He should do it under the requirement that he has to commentate his dancing while he is doing it. Mic him up. “And now Dan sashay’s and two, three, four, SPIN…”