If You Need To Laugh, Check Out This Teen’s Crazy Apple Catching Talent

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It has been difficult time around the country. We don’t want to discount what is happening in Las Vegas or the pain throughout our nation, but we know that sometimes, laughter can be the best medicine. So, if you need to laugh or see a little ray of sunshine in the world, check out Daniel and his mad apple catching skills.

Daniel Hartman can catch any apple thrown by anyone from any distance.


1) Whuyt.

2) Uh, huh…whooooit.

3) In the dark!? *mouths* Whuayt!?

4) Swoosh

5) Guy: Oh, my….

Girl: Whuyt thuh heck!?

6) OOOOOOhhhh…my….


This kid’s reaction says it all

Does it hurt?

Is this earth shatteringly funny? Nah. Are kids shattering their teeth trying to replicate it? YES!!

But he has a legal out because of his bio


His Mom’s reaction is my favorite

And she is in his phone as “Master”! Hahahahahahalololololololololololol