Deaf Songwriter Astonishes Judges On “America’s Got Talent” Earning The Golden Buzzer


Mandy Harvey lost all of her hearing at age 18 due to a deterioration of connective tissue in hear inner ear, but that did not stop her from writing music. After a few bars Harvey’s original song “Try”, Simon Cowell hit the Golden Buzzer and said, “I’ve done this a long time and that is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen or heard.”

Harvey communicated with the judges through an interpreter, describing a story that would have led most people away from music. But through personal effort and the support of loved ones, Mandy Harvey not only remained focused on her goals, but wrote her own music.

Mandy Harvey plays barefoot to feel the rhythm of the song, uses visual tuners to find the melody, and trusts her voice for the right pitch. It’s a combination of muscle memory, hard work, and courage that results in an unbelievable story of triumph. The Golden Buzzer sends Harvey straight to the live shows where fans vote for their favorite acts to continue.