NPR Upset A Lot Of People When They Tweeted The Declaration Of Independance On The Fourth Of July


To commemorate our nation’s birthday, National Public Radio tweeted out the Declaration of Independence line by line. The problem with that is people don’t know what our nation’s most important document says and assumed the outlet was inciting a revolution and spreading propaganda.

We all know the opening line and the phrase upholding the equality and inalienable rights of all persons.

But hardly anyone knows what happens after that, so they just assumed NPR was attacking the President. That false assumption led many Trump supporters to call the Declaration “trash” and “left wing propaganda”.

The Declaration was sent to King George III and does not mince words when it comes to leadership. That should keep any government leader in all of the three branches accountable to the people. You just wish, you know, that the people knew that. One person noticed his fault and readily owned his mistake.

Social media would be a better place if we all owned our mistakes like that.