This Deleted Scene Of Jean Ralphio From “Parks & Recreation” Is Completly Outrageous

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Who is your favorite “Parks & Recreation” character? Take a moment to answer. If Jean Ralphio did not at least blink through your mind, I am afraid you area a zombie with no sense of humor cursed to walk the earth with no joy for all eternity. No, that’s not harsh. That’s science. The rest of us are living humans thrilled that Ben Schwarz, the actor behind Jean Ralphio, revealed a deleted scene of Jean Ralphio from season 7 that was deemed too over the top to put on the show.

Blonde highlights, using a wheelchair he doesn’t need, shiny silver suit, singing “Sister Sister.” To me, it looks pitch perfect! I’m glad it finally saw the light of day.

Schwarz put the full scene on his Instagram and it is straight up outrageous.

And looks, while we’re here, you might as well relive all of the great Jean Ralphio moments, aka every time he was onscreen.