Delta Brings Happiness Back to Air Travel with Help from Kenny G. and a Dog

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It has been a turbulent month for airlines. Repeated violence towards passengers, scorpions, and general distrust towards the industry has caused customers to think twice before flying. If travelers ever needed a ray of hope, a hero to emerge from the ashes of despair, it would be now. Well wipe away your tears, friends; two heroes have heard your cries and answered the call and both fly Delta.

The fist, man’s best friend reminds us that dapper dogs make everything better.

Just look at how happy he looks. Doggo’s happy to serve and looks dapper doing it. He’s thrilled to be involved.

We aren’t sure what Mr. Halperin is upset about. Twitter is a limited medium, maybe he meant something longer like, “Seriously, Delta??!? This is the best seat buddy I’ve ever had!” or “Seriously, Delta??!? Thanks for upgrading me to good boy class!”

This is a more appropriate picture for his caption.

The second hero is not a dog, but dog-gonnit he makes the world a better place. Kenneth Bruce Gorelick, aka Kenny G, took to the skies to perform a mid-air sax concert for charity. It’s a strange sentence to read and write, but the result was magical.

“What? I missed it? Seriously, Delta??!?” said the lady with a “wake me for snacks” sign pinned to her sleep mask. No word on how Kenny G got a weapons of mass chill through security. Our best people are on it.