Derek Hough Completed The “American Ninja Warrior” Course And The Crowd Went Wild


Red Nose Day is a British charity founded in 1985 to help children in need. Today, it is an international fund raising mission to help the poorest communities around the world through a multitude of charities. Celebrities of all stripes chip in doing fun, embarrassing, or heartfelt actions to help the effort. Sometimes they go to the place in need, and other times they compete on an obstacle course earning $5,000 for every obstacle they complete. Derek Hough fell into the latter group.

The dancing man felt he had a good chance to complete the difficult course. Dancers, after all, are known for having excellent core strength. Hough took to the course, cheered on by his family and an athletic and encouraging version of Kenny G.

Hough completed all but one of the challenges and raised $30,000 for charity. It was impressive but not as impressive as the acting on the sideline.

What is this reaction? Did Hough just get slimed at the Kid’s Choice Awards? Oh, no, he fell in some water.

Or the reaction when Hough finished the course.

You’d think he cured cancer and gave the medicine away for free.

Well, he did raise a lot of money for a good cause, and that’s worth celebrating.