Dierks Bentley Rewrites “Drunk on a Plane”


Here’s what we know about Dierks Bentley: he’s a lot of fun, he’s good looking, he loves his truck and he’s a total boy.

A total boy? Yes, listen to his new take on “Drunk on a Plane,” the really gross, “Sick on a Plane.”

Popular radio host, Bobby Bones, wrote the song with his in-studio band, but Dierks added his own verse, too. It takes a village to rewrite a country song.

A few weeks ago Jake Owen took to Jimmy Kimmel to debut his drought awareness song, “Drink Your Pee.” Is this song Dierks’ answer to that? Is this a total boy feud?

Bro-country? Try gro(ss)-country!

Image Source: Instagram/@DierksBentley