Pup Takes A Leap of Faith The First Time He Sees Stairs And We Can’t Help But Laugh


Stairs are no problem for humans. They are the preferred means of climbing from one place to another with ease and speed (the ladder builder’s union won’t be happy I said that). But for animals stairs are terrifying cliffs, a slippery slope of turmoil and danger. If you have a dog, you know what I mean. Typically, they sit at the top of the stairs and whine. But one dog defied the odds, not by figuring it out, but by really going full throttle the first time he saw stairs. Thankfully, his owner caught the whole thing on camera.

Did he think they were flat?

Was he trying to walk on the railing?

Who knows?

As far as we can tell, he was ‘sploring and got too excited. I just hope he’s ok.