President Donald Trump’s Mysterious “Covfefe” Is The Hilarious Tweet Heard Around The World


Donald Trump is no stranger to midnight Tweeting. In fact, it is his preferred time of day to do so. But, a tweet last night struck a new chord. It was not partisan, political, or even meaningful. It was covfefe.

Covfefe. It was the first time the word had ever been tweeted. It means nothing. It is neither good nor bad, it merely is. The President noticed his typo and decided to have fun with it.

And so, the internet had fun. Honestly, it is one of the more unifying and hilarious things on the internet right now.

And finally, let’s loop in Sean Spicer.

All this and endlessly more from a simple made up word and the encouragement of the President. Tomorrow, we will forget covfefe, but today we are all covfefe.