“Duck Dynasty” Stars Korie and Willie Robertson are Adopting Another Son

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It’s been a big week for “Duck Dynasty‘s” Robertson family. Just a couple days after their daughter Rebecca Robertson announced her engagement via Instagram, Korie and Willie Robertson revealed their plans to welcome another son into their ever-growing family.

The couple shared the exciting news over Instagram with a picture of their newest addition posing with his five new siblings, Rebecca, John LukeSadieWill and Bella. 

“We’ve had lots of questions about the cute kid popping up in our photos lately. We are excited to be in the process of adopting a new son! He’s been with us since May, but we wanted some privacy and time for him and our family to bond before telling the world (it’s a bit of an adjustment coming into this big, crazy family ha). He’s amazing, and we are so thrilled to have another kid around the house. Couldn’t keep the good news to ourselves any longer! We appreciate your prayers and support for our family,” reads the caption.

Image Source: Instagram