Get Ready for Hunting Season by Avoiding These Hilarious Stereotypes


We are a still a long way out from hunting season, but it’s never too early to start getting ready. Some guys get ready by going on scouting trips, mending and updating equipment, or practicing shooting skills but few guys take a hard look at themselves. Every hunting crew has “that guy” who always acts a fool out at the camp. If you don’t know who that guy is, it’s probably you.

The funny thing is that there are lots of hunting stereotypes: the bad hunter with new equipment, the loud guy in the blind, the dude with a terrible dog, etc. The fellas over at Dude Perfect know what I’m talking about and made a video nailing all the guys in my crew. They’ve got everyone covered.

You still have some time before the season begins. Check your equipment. Be safe. Check your blind. But don’t forget to roast your friends for being “that guy.”