Everyone Is Making Fun Of The Rock’s New Movie Poster And It Is Hilarious

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a machine. I do not understand how he does so much. But that work ethic may be catching up with him. When you do a lot, that means that a lot of things you do won’t be good. For example, The Rock’s latest movie “Skyscraper,” beyond the fact that people think it looks a lot like “Die Hard.” The poster for the movie shows The Rock leaping through the air from a crane to a building to what appears to be his death.

No person has the time or ability to make everything they do good. So it is understandable that something like this would fall through the cracks.

But look at that jump. One Twitter user mapped out his trajectory and, well, RIP Dwayne.

I get it, the poster is dramatic. But when the movie is already a blatant rip off of another movie , it is really hard to let it slide.

The animated version looks really bad. For DJ.

Riiight into the fire.

To make that jump The Rock would have to simultaneously run faster than Usain Bolt AND break the World Record for long jump at the same time.

Check the math.

Then folks started to have fun.

But he knows it’s bad, right?

Sorry Mr. Rock, but those aren’t “comparisons.” You literally made Die Hard mixed with The Towering Inferno. But it will still make all the money.