Ed O’Neill Didn’t Recognize Taylor Swift or Britney Spears When They Asked for Photos, Which Seems Like a Real Problem

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Today, kids know Ed O’Neill as the tough-nosed, soft-hearted Jay Pritchett on ABC’s “Modern Family.” To me, he will always be Al Bundy, the shoe salesman from “Married With Children,” who made it out of Chicago and to sunny LA to start a new life with a new family.

During a recent appearance on “The Ellen Show,” Ed revealed that he has problems recognizing famous people– even though he’s a famous person. And we’re talking legit famous people. Once, in an airport Britney Spears approached him to take a photo– he did. His manager called him the next day and said it had tons of likes. He didn’t know who he was in the photo with.

Ed O’Neill’s one of America’s favorite dads of all-time does not know who Britney Spears is.

But, it gets worse. Ed also told Ellen that one time Randy Jackson approached him in a restaurant and asked him to speak to his brother on the phone– Michael Jackson. He rushed him off the phone and had no idea who he was talking to. That one’s fair, he was on the phone.

However, Ed’s most recent encounter is actually the worst. While attending his TV granddaughter’s; Sarah Hyland, birthday party he said a young woman approached him, “she said, ‘hi again.’ And I said, ‘hi, yes.'” He went on. “She said, ‘let’s take a selfie.’ And I said, ‘okay.'”

He immediately texted the photo to his daughter and asked who it was. His daughter only replied, “I’m having you committed.” Because it was Taylor Swift. You know, the most famous person in the world.