Kalen Allen Got The Best Surprise From His Super-Fan Ellen


Kalen Allen is a college kid from Kansas. He works five jobs. He also just went viral with his hilarious cooking reaction videos. But these videos are turning into something more. Ellen Degeneres, who loves the videos, invited Kalen onto her show and surprised him with a job offer. He may want to quit some of those other jobs.

If you don’t know Kalen Allen yet, get ready. He watches some of the craziest recipes on the internet and says what we are all thinking.

Allen started making the videos for his friends in between going to class, co-hosting a campus talkshow, working the front desk at one of the residence halls, an Amazon Prime student brand ambassador, marketing for the student film and theater department, and a student standardized patient for the University of Pennsylvania Medical school. I’m exhausted just reading that.

Now it seems that making people laugh with his videos is going to be a full time job. That’s the dream in the digital age. That’s the dream.