Ellen Surprised A First Grade Teacher With A Full Scholarship To Earn A Master’s Degree


Jordan Siragusa is a first-grade teacher from North Carolina who has one rule for her classroom: be kind. She has been inspired by Ellen Degeneres for years to achieve her goal of teaching despite her struggle with dyslexia and had hoped to one day earn her Master’s Degree in education. Ellen is making that dream come true.

Jordan was inspired to become a teacher by her first-grade teacher who “changed her life.” So, when a spot at a local Title I school opened up she jumped right in.

Her husband described her love for her children in a letter he wrote to Ellen:

Dear Ellen,

I’m so excited to write you about my wife Jordan. She has the biggest heart and is an amazing teacher at a Title I school in Charlotte, North Carolina. Jordan was born to change lives. She loves her students so much.

Ellen, you are Jordan’s biggest inspiration. Everyone knows the number one rule in her classroom is to “be kind” and that is all because of you. Through hardships, financial struggles, and my two deployments Jordan has always radiated kindness and compassion. Thank you for inspiring Jordan to be the kind and beautiful person she is.

Go thank a teacher today. They all deserve something like this.