Robot Ellen Joined “The Bachelor” And Has Won Arie’s Heart

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Ellen Degeneres had a ride at Disney World, but the animatronic version of Ellen was not given the normal amount of care Disney is known for. In fact, it’s terrifying. So Ellen has decided to use it every chance she gets. For example, she replaced one of the bachelorettes with it to make it look like Arie was having a lovely one-on-one date with the robotic monster.

Just look at her.

According to Arie, she independent and sexy, has a personality, is strong, and has so many, uh, things that he looks for. You know, he doesn’t want to say too much , but she’s everything he could be looking for on this journey of love. What exactly that is, only God knows. A tenth grader to describe his ideal spouse better than Arie.

Personally, I’m rooting for the robot and feel really sad for the actual human he said those vague things about.