Ellen Got ‘Deleted Scenes’ from Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Do” Video

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Remember that time Ellen DeGeneres performed with Taylor Swift at the Staples Center? It was an absolute masterpiece of entertainment.

But, most of what these two ladies do could be considered masterpieces.

Because Taylor and Ellen go way back, Ellen was able to score access to some deleted scenes from the “Look What You Made Me Do” video.

Ellen told her audience, “I was in the original video, because I’m part of her squad. Apparently, she cut me out. I don’t know because she’s threatened by me sometimes. Nice try, Tay-Tay.”

Nice try is right.

Deleting Ellen was a bold move, but a necessary one. Ellen called Old Taylor out on being dead long before I, or anyone else, did.

Also, Ellen brought along several Ellens– Tispy, Karla Kardashian, Trixie, Cowboy and Twerky Ellen.

I like both videos, but Ellen does bring something to it not even 15 Taylors can.

And don’t forget about what Taylor made Ellen do.