Ellen Scared ‘American Horror Story’ Star Sarah Paulson So Badly She Crawled Under A Table

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I have never seen “American Horror Story”, but judging by the title, I can guess it’s pretty scary. You would think the stars of the show would at least enjoy horror or being scared. Not Sarah Paulson. She hates being scared. So why wouldn’t Ellen scare her not once, but three times when she visited “The Ellen Show”?

Ellen started by hiding in Paulson’s dressing room

It doesn’t look like much, but the sound Ellen makes is outrageous. It sounds like a drunk ghost just woke up.

Then she had a man-witch (wizard?) creep up on her

Paulson’s scream is so intense it looks like she scare the man-witch. He really flinches at her reaction.

Paulson was immediately suspicious of another scare

She could take no more

And that’s how Sarah Paulson ended up doing an interview while hiding under a table