Kid Goes Over-The-Top Asking Emma Stone to Prom, Makes Friends Look Bad


Kids these days.

In my day, we just asked a girl to prom and she always said, “No! Gross, get away from me!” Now it’s a movie production– it’s Ryan Gosling and Hollywood. It’s vegan iPhones and “can I be viral yet?” How can a lady turn that down?

For example, Jacob- the kid who recorded a song, recreated the opening of “La La Land,” and is asking Emma Stone to prom.

Jacob, bud, you’re making your friends look bad. They could only afford flowers, balloons, and a sincere handwritten card to ask their crushes to prom, the poor peasants. And think about this, how many girls in the video would love to go to prom with you. There’s at least one. You know, the girl who helped you make this video and got her friends to be extras in it. Ask her, son. She’s the one you’re looking for.

If Emma Stone says no, I blame this guy.

Bah! Kids these days.