Couple Takes Engagement Photos At Taco Bell, Is Living the Dream


Rachel and Joe love Taco Bell almost as much as they love one another. The couple took their engagement photos at their favorite location right across from Wrigley Field. Seeing as it that location is about to be torn down, I think they made the right decision.

Now, you might say be thinking the Bell is a bad location for an engagement shoot. But you would be wrong, you simple fool. Go galavant in your field of amber waving grain. Go get your backdrop of purple mountain majesty. You can have it! Though it is beautiful, it will not express your relationship and will be identical to every other engagement on social media. Give me something personal and real. Engagement pictures are only used for save-the-dates. And you know what? This wedding is going to be the realest. You can’t tell me their reception won’t be fun. Give me an easygoing, fun-loving couple over Pinterest perfection any day.

These sports fans get it.