26 Fairly Odd Subgenre Categories on Netflix


Did you know that Netflix has close to 27,000 genres of TV shows, movies, concerts and more ready to be streamed? That’s more than the number of people who grew up in the same town I did.

Mostly, Netflix shows you the ones you want to see or what everyone else is watching. But, they’ve got some pretty weird stuff going on too. Some, weirder than others, for sure.

26 Fairly Odd Subgenre Categories on Netflix:

1. 20th Century Period Pieces for Hopeless Romantics

Something you should put on your dating profile.

2. Absurd British TV Comedies

Everyone’s favorite.

3. Action Comedies for ages 11 to 12

When a regular comedy just won’t do.

4. Argentinian Comedies

Jokes about wine and beef and stuff.

5. Belgian Dutch-Language Dramas

Don’t we all like our favorite Belgian movies to be in Dutch?

6. Boating Movies

Well, of course.

7. Canadian Deadly Disaster Movies

8/9. Classic Sentimental Movies based on Books
Classic Sentimental Movies based on classic literature

Interesting that these are two different categories.

10. Critically-acclaimed Dark Danish Dramas

There have to be hundreds (you’ve never heard of).

11. Dark Suspenseful Viral Plague Movies

Too specific.

12. Depression Era Movies for ages 8 to 10

Instead of Saturday morning cartoons.

13. East Asian Sports Comedies

The only way to spend a Tuesday evening.

14. Feel-good Deep Sea Movies for ages 8 to 10

Gotta love those G-rated deep sea classic.

15. Goofy Rogue-Cop Movies

Well, yeah.

16. Gritty Dysfunctional-Family Social Issue Dramas

Nothing puts the ‘fun’ in ‘family’ like dysfunction.

17. Mistaken-Identity Family Comedies

When your family feels like an outcast.

18. Pop


19. Provocative Business Movies

Aren’t they all?

20. Raunchy Dysfunctional-Family TV Comedies

Sounds like a Sunday night to me.

21. Spanish Crime Comedies

The hilarity.

22. Suspenseful Scandinavian Movies based on Books


23. Understated Australian Independent Dramas

Those Australians are so subtle.

24. Violent Chinese Revenge Martial Arts Movies

For adults only.

25. Visually-striking Quirky Action & Adventure

Quirky, yet well done.

26. Zombie Made-for-TV Movies

The real classics.