The Rock and Jimmy Fallon Surprised and Scared Fans as Mascot Versions of Themselves and We Can’t Stop Laughing

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Jimmy Fallon is in Orlando to celebrate the opening of his ride at Universal Orlando and he is having more fun than anyone else.

Take this clip for example: Jimmy and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson run around Universal Orlando both greeting and scaring fans as mascot versions of themselves.

Watch for the game at the beginning, stay for fans literally falling over each other when they realize the real guys are under the mascot heads.

“You’re the sexiest man alive! Don’t tell my husband.” Can someone tell this woman how cameras work? But, you know, 8-Mile. She had one shot to flirt with The Rock and she took it.

The last guy loses it when he realizes the Rock, his childhood hero, is standing right in front of him. I don’t know what it would be like to meet my childhood hero, but I definitely don’t want him to tell me to stop crying. That’s tough. Fallon got the same reaction from a teenage boy, but hey you get what you can. That kid will probably take over Late Night one day.

Props to whomever made the suits- they are really good. I bet Johnson is really difficult to make suits for. The man is a walking comic book character. It is a matter of time before he turns up in a Marvel movie.