Jimmy Fallon And Maroon 5 Surprised Fans With An Undercover Performance In NYC Subway


If you saw Jimmy Fallon or Adam Levine around New York City, you would recognize them. You have seen their faces so often on TV that it would be hard for them to hide. But when they donned beards and hats to perform a few songs in the New York City subway, they were completely unrecognizable. Well, that is until they took off their disguises and performed Maroon 5’s hit “Sugar.” Then the crowd went wild.

I think I have seen guys that look like Adam‘s alter ego at Wal-Mart.

Anytime you go to a gun range, that guy is there. So when he and a hipster Fallon started singing Queen’s “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” what were people supposed to do except be impressed by their musical ability?

Once a small crowd had formed, everyone took off their disguises and threw the crowd into a frenzy.

They actually sound pretty great live! That subway has great acoustics.

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