Jimmy Fallon and Robert Irwin Had One Incredible Evening on “The Tonight Show”


Robert Irwin, son of “The Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin, is a chip off the ole block. Not only does he look like his father (check out the clip) but he has his father’s enthusiasm of animals and educating people about them. Robert brought a variety of unusual animals (legless lizards?) to “The Tonight Show” and Jimmy’s reactions were priceless.

I think that clip provided every reaction gif you will ever need.

1. “Hey, how r u?”

“beaut bonza” is the most Aussie phrase in the world

2. “How was ur date?”

3. Do not want

4. Afraid yet curious

5. Mild shock/ when you aren’t really paying attention anymore

6. Standard cute

7. When something unwanted enters your life

8. “C’mon man.”

9. Deeply concerned/nervous/unsure

10. An apt question for anyone who rides public transit

11. When you’re getting unwanted attention

12. Hyping up your boy to go talk to the pretty girl at the bar

13. When you aren’t paying attention and something serious happens

14. “Whatever, it’s not that cool.”

15. When they respond positively to that risky text