Jimmy Fallon’s “Mom and Pop Quiz” Proves Teenagers are Still Embarrassed by Their Parents

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Jimmy Fallon’s week in Orlando has led to many hilarious moments, but this one is for the parents. “The Tonight Show” took to the streets of Universal Orlando to ask parents basic pop culture questions in front of their children.

The kids were not allowed to help. Really, all the kids were allowed to do watch watch and be embarrassed.

American teens across the nation groaned through the whole segment, muttering things like:

“Ugh, Dad, why can’t you be cool?”

“No, Mom, stop. You always do this.”

“I just told you about this, like, twenty seconds ago.”

“What!? I’m trying to snapcha’.”

Ah, the teens, such a sweet age…

This clip proves two things– teenagers forever have been and will be embarrassed. High school is just a bunch of homework and embarrassment. Second, parents will always embarrass their kids. Own it. It’s better that being “the cool parent.” Gross.

Special shoutout to that poor Bill Gates-looking dad who thought dabbing was an eccentric sneeze. We will never hear his killer dad-jokes. Rest in power. Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan thought the same thing, so he’s in good company, I guess.