Jimmy Fallon Created a ‘Do Not Play List’ Full of the Worst Songs We’ve Ever (Ever) Heard


We all love to share good music with our friends. We make playlists, mix tapes, and pass around the aux cord in the car to discover and share new music. But, few people compile “Do Not Listen” lists. Have you ever smelled something so gross you have to make your friends smell it to? That’s what this segment of “The Tonight Show” is.

Jimmy Fallon and Chris Rock lead “The Tonight Show” audience into a dark well of amazingly awful music. It was great.

The music is bad. Like, abhorrent. If you want to save your ears, mind, and heart, just check the GIFs.

My respect level for most EDM groups is low. Like, bottom of the barrel rust flakes low. But, even that is too high for this mess. Glad to see I’m not the only one.

Has a group ever earned their name as fully as “Kill the Noise”? Answer: no.

Next up is underwater reggae man Guinney Pepper. Look, let’s not be too hard on Guinney. It is hard to sing reggae, much more to do it quickly. But that’s what the industry demands! As an artist, you take risks and do what you have to. Respect.

Chris was OUT. Jimmy loved it like a teenager who has just discovered the thrift store. He would have done another minute on the underwater bit, but something snapped him out of the joke.

“Jim, we have to keep moving.”

“I’ll let you explain this to your father when he gets home.”

When you start messing with your girl like she’s one of the boys and she gets her feelings hurt.

But, I digress.

I think Chris and Jimmy were playing it up for the other songs. There was no need for 80’s artist Gloria Balsam. “Fluffy” was real shock and awe.

I mean, that really might be the worst song I’ve ever heard. I don’t blame Fluffy for running away. Good for her/him/it. To quote our President, “Sad!”

“Live at the Beaver Lodge” is the kind of record I would have loved in high school. My friends and I would learn every word and sing it in public. I may or may not still do something like that. Huh, this… this is probably why I have been single so long.

Cool uncle Tim Wilson rounds out the selection of terrible music. Objectively this is a bad song. Or, is it?

I can see this taking over dance parties. At first, ironically, but once everyone learns the words (hint: every other word is “booty”) they will demand it. Chris Rock knows this.

Tim Wilson’s “Booty” will blow up alongside the Mullet Revolution.