Febreze Already Released The Most Memorable Super Bowl Commercial Of 2018


To be completely honest, I can’t remember laughing out loud at a Super Bowl commercial since I was a kid. But, somehow, the advertising machine has made me expect to laugh. I can even be excited for them during the Super Bowl. But when you ask advertisers to pay millions of dollars for a 30-second spot, you can’t expect them to wait to show it. Most of the Super Bowl ads have already been released and there is a clear winner: Febreze.

Febreze tells the story of a man whose bleep don’t stink. The entire commercial is funny because they say “bleep” instead of poop, excrement, or any other variation of #2. Jr. high boys will love it, which I suppose is the point. They smell rotten.

Is it memorable? Sure! Is it funny? Man, I don’t know. We live in a dilly dilly world, the rules have changed. All I’m going to say is that anyone who claims to watch the Super Bowl for the commercials should just go to a movie or watch their favorite show on Netflix. That would at least make sense.